Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brekky - part 6

18/8 Sweet potato hash pancake again
So coffee with mate before gym, past work on the way to gym, etc... Long story short I did have a small banana at 10 am but breakfast was really at 14.45. Oops.
Anyway, made the sweet potato thing again with mushrooms, spring onions, and 5 eggs. Spiced with baharat and drippings. Ate 3 bananas while it was cooking and probably something more (cherry tomatoes? No, I was out). It was not as nice as the previous time. Mushrooms definitely don't belong in there and I think the hash needs longer in the pan to really caramelise if you want that treat-quality. It was still good though (that means that I demolished it in seconds).

19/8 Dinner leftovers
Made some tuna-tomato crap the evening before and ate the rest of it for breakfast. Lots of onions, celery sticks, bell peppers, herbes de provence and chilli in there.
Ate some cherry tomatoes later in the day and they were remarkably sweet.

20/8 Fried eggs and an apple
I overslept (bad Bastard!) and didn't have any emergency meals (bad Bastard!). I ended up with 4 eggs fried in fat and mushroom powder. Mushroom powder is amazing but it fucking sucks for eggs.
Luckily I had prepared lunch the evening before and the two portoburglos really hit the spot. One portoburglo: Bottom bun a raw portobello mushrom, then 200g spiced home-minced beef (garlic powder, mushroom powder, baharat), half a bell pepper, about a quarter of a head of lettuce in individual leaves as the top bun. It makes a fairly big eat and two of them is very filling but oh so good. Could have used some sauce but I couldn't be bothered.

21/8 Sweet potato hash pancake and bananas
I'm sensing a pattern... Overslept (or rather woke up and fell asleep again). Ate half on the way to work, went to the gym after morning tea break, then ate the rest and my lunch.

22/8 Fry-up
Cherry tomatoes, lots of mushrooms, 1 strip back bacon, 3 eggs. Not really inspired.

23/8 Breakfast with my dad
My dad is visiting so I tried to make something a bit nicer. Sweet potato hash, a few fried cherry tomatoes, baby asparagus, sliced yellow bell pepper, 2 Debbie & Andrew Harrowgate sausages (yeah yeah, too much omega-6, whatever) and a strip of bacon.
He whined about not having any bread and was worried that the lack of bread (white wheat bread) would hurt his digestion. He's my dad and he has heaps of health issues - I shouldn't be judging him about his lifetime of bad food choices.

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