Monday, September 24, 2012

Making real food less time devouring

So my brother, sister-in-law, and adorable nephews came to visit this week =]
They think the paleo thing is interesting but with kids of two and four and both working full-time it really is not going to happen (since they don't want to - and everybody should choose themselves what they put in their mouth). Right now my sister-in-law's weekday evenings are finish work, shop while figuring out what to make for dinner+pick up kids, cook dinner, feed, tidy, tuck in kids. My brother is not some kind of awful man that doesn't contribute but they are very involved parents (i.e. some things might go a little faster).
So in the spirit of things going faster and them getting more quality time with their awesome offspring here are tips to reduce the time spent in the kitchen:

15 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning

Some amazing women:

Melicious Joulwan


And my personal tip:

Two or three sets of 'Pruta' from IKEA (apparently 'pruta' doesn't mean 'to fart' in Swedish - so disappointed) - yes I am aware of dangerous, dangerous chemicals from Chinese factories etc etc etc but seriously, having matching lids for most of your storage bins and being able to stack all of those mothers probably helps you increase your veggie intake and decrease your stress enough to more than compensate. And they are really cheap. And so am I. 

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